Explain How The Policies And Procedures To Protect Children

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3.1: It is important that Children are protected because while they are in your care, they need to be the first priority. Parents/Carers leave their children in your care, so they trust you to look after and protect children from harm. For some Parents/Carers, it may be difficult for them to leave their children, so they will need to have full confidence that you will care for their children and be supportive towards Parents. 3.2 In a childcare setting they use Policies and Procedures to protect the children and to take the appropriate steps to this. These policies follow the law and promote good practice. They give them something to follow, i.e. Child Protection Policy. All child protection policies will follow the law on Child Protection. The procedure to protect the Child will be set and have all the steps to protect them and report any issues, or concerns with the correct member of staff, or agency. Your child protection policy will include: Guidelines for staff behaviour Confidentiality Visiting/Access…show more content…
Mrs A makes the allegation to the Manager about this. Mrs A’s allegation needs to be kept anonymous so she isn’t at risk of being victimised in her work place and all information needs to be kept confidential in regards to this. Mrs A needs to provide as much information about this as possible, a form needs to be completed and any witnesses need to confirm and sign this form as well as Mrs A. During the time of the enquiry, Mr B will be suspended so a full investigation can take place. Everyone involved in the allegation need to keep the information confidential. If Mrs A’s allegation is incorrect, no disciplinary action will be taken, unless she accused the alleged action in a malicious way. If this is the case, this will result in an instant dismissal or other disciplinary action. The only way Mrs A’s information will be exposed is
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