Explain How Poor Quality Attachment May Affect Children's Development

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Unit 24 Unit Code: CYPOP 1 Unit Reference: A/601/0121 Children need to develop certain skills in order for them to learn other things. All areas of learning and development are interconnected i.e. children need to learn to use a spoon before they can feed themselves, this requires many skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination. This will help them experience more things like drawing making marks on paper could help there speech as they can talk about things they are drawing, turning pages of a book could help them learn new words by naming things in the book. Children learn in many different ways, they can learn by mirroring an adult, copying their facial expressions, pointing gestures and body language. They can also learn from their own experiences if they play or do an activity repeatedly that they are really interested in. Most children learn from things themselves rather than being told. It is very important to provide children with many opportunities and…show more content…
John Bowlby came up with an attachment theory built on the concepts from ethology and developmental psychology he talks about why it is important to have attachments and what effects poor attachments could have on a child’s development. It is important to have a strong and secure relationship with babies and children this helps them with their emotional development because they learn how to trust once this is broken they can become aggressive and have bad behaviour. Having poor attachments could take longer for the child to settle making them miss out on learning opportunities. They can become anxious when separated from parents which could lead to the child becoming less independent and confident which they then can find it hard with the transitions in their life i.e. Moving rooms in the nursery, making friends, going to
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