Explain How Mr Stonefield Has Created Specific Strategic Goals For Landslide Limousine

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Performance Management Plan Ashleigh DeGlopper May 26, 2014 Human Resource Management Doreen Lawrence Alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy Mr. Stonefield has created specific strategic goals for Landslide Limousine. One strategic goal is to hire an entirely new workforce with 25 employees within the first year of being in business. In order to create an effective workforce, these new employees will need to have a firm understanding of what their responsibilities are. Defining effective performance will give employees knowledge about goals that they are expected to reach and job responsibilities. They should also be taught about performance standards so they are able to reach goals effectively. It is necessary for employees to have access to the resources they need to…show more content…
It is important that every vehicle is kept clean, organized, and stocked with beverages and snacks. Every time a customer enters a Landslide Limousine they should be impressed with how well the vehicle is kept, as well as how courteous the driver is. Beyond customer service, all employees must abide by all laws and regulations that apply to them. Every employee will have a complete understanding of traffic laws and be able to provide customers with safe services at all times. Whenever a driver is behind the wheel of a Landslide Limousine vehicle they are expected to perform at a strictly professional level with the customer’s needs and safety first on their minds. Any violations of the law will be punishable with the termination of their employment in order to maintain a safe environment for customers. Job analysis process that will be completed to identify skills needed by

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