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Civics 2 test How is government organized in canada? • it is based on the parliamentary system in britain • we are democratic meaning we elect groups and individuals to represent us in parliament • federal government makes laws, regulations, policies and decisions shared between the government of canada and the provincial governments • provincial government can create, abolish or change the powers and responsibilities of municipalities • municipalities are responsible for issues that affect the cities, towns, or communities • The head of the canadian government is the queen represented by the governor general on a federal level and the lieutenant governor on a provincial level • the federal and provincial courts acts as a judicial branch that settles…show more content…
• Shared responsibilities : judicial system, environment protection, agriculture/farming immigration, provision of old- age security • municipal responsibilities : libraries, garbage/recycling, parks/creation, local police service, water/sewage services, fire service centres, local schools, public transit, road maintenance, snow clearance • Boards : have the power to implement consequences among acts of injustice and violations of laws ex.the national parole board • Tribunals : decide whether a person's rights defined by the charter have been violated --> can make recommendations for action to an injustice ex. The human rights tribunal • Majority government : occurs when a political party wins more than half the ridings in the election • Minority government: occurs when a political party elects more members to parliament or the provincial legislature than any other party but not more than all the other parties added

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