Explain How Gawain And The Green Knight Is A Hero's Journey

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Mapping Gawain’s Journey “Gawain and the Green Knight” is a hero’s journey. Using your packets and your hero’s journey notes, create a map of Gawain’s journey. Your map must include labels for each of the steps in the hero’s journey as well as a quote and visual representation of each specific example of the journey. Your quotes must be accurately punctuated and cited, and your visuals must be colored, neat, and appropriate. EX: The Call: “A Look of scorn darkened the Green Knight’s Face…’I have heard much talk of the Knights of the Round Table, of their bravery and chivalry. I see now that it is only legend. Not one of you is brave enough to strike this blow’” (11). [pic] Creative Title of Map: ______________________________________…show more content…
__________________________________________________ 5.___________________________________________________ Presentation Guidelines 1. Each member of the group must speak. 2. Each member of the group must have what they are responsible for explaining written down on a notecard, which will be collected after the presentation. 3. The following elements of your group’s project must be explained: a) Someone must explain the meaning behind the title (What does it mean and why did your group choose it?) and describe the threshold and explain the visual. b) Someone must explain the three challenges and their visuals. c) Someone must explain the abyss and revelation and their visuals. d) Someone must explain the transformation and atonement and their visuals. e) Someone must explain the return and point out and explain the decorative elements and how they are symbolic or representative of the hero’s journey. Who is saying what: Total ____/20 points per person a)_________________________________

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