P5 Case Study

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P5 – explain how continuing development of staff influence practices in setting It is important that staff continue working on their progress and development of their individual practice, especially in health and social care settings. This process helps increase the staff member’s potential through different educational and training opportunities. There are many strategies and activities that are carried out within the workplace to help improve staff development. These strategies are things such as reflective practice and training days. It is crucial that staff continue to develop their practice so that they are able to see how far they have come, what they have achieved and what they need to improve on. Reflective practice is put in…show more content…
Training and reflection will have positive effects for both the service user and the service provider. Reflective practice helps staff analyse complicated situations and help them make the best resolution. Analysing situations allow staff members to choose the best option that will benefit service users the most, allowing the care of them to be superior. Reflective practice also helps improve staff members’ problem solving skills. This means that the care of the service users will be improved since the staff are able to solve problems quickly and effectively. Having trained staff, that are educated with legislations, policies and procedures and are up to date with the current knowledge, means that they can provide excellent service for the service user. This allows the service user to relax as they will have confidence in the quality of care they receive. The staff members will also provide the correct service needed in a safe and friendly environment. This will improve the experience that the service user has. Training can ensure that all staff members provide their service users with excellent care in as safe environment meaning they will have a great
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