Explain How Children and Young People's Development Is Influenced by a Range of Personal and External Factors

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Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. The personal factors are a child’s genes which influence development and how the brain works. This influences a child’s personality, potential and health, which will then later be influenced by how they are raised and the environment in which they are raised. Below are four personal factors that could influence a childs development and some of the reasons why. ● Health Status ­ The ill health of a child could mean he/she may have to spend a lot of time in hospital , this would mean being absent from pre­school and school affecting education on all levels, including emotional and social aspects of making friends etc. Health conditions such as asthma triggered by certain conditions could affect a child's physical development and need hospital/doctors visits etc. A Child with Asthma may get breathless taking part in physical activities and will have to use an inhaler to open the airway. A Child’s health will also be affected during pregnancy if the mother is drinking or taking drugs. This could result in premature birth and low birth weight which can then lead to a slower development rate. ● Disability ­ A child in a wheelchair or with a serious physical impairment would find it hard to do many activities, particularly those that are physically demanding. Gross motor skills would be at a less developed rate than peers and fine motor skills may be affected if the child had little or no control over their limbs. Another aspect to consider is if the parent of a child has a disability, research evidence over the past ten years has suggested that when children take on a care­giving role in the family their educational, social and emotional experiences and health can often be seriously jeopardized. ● Sensory Impairment ­ A child may
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