Explain How Artistic Practice Is Used by Artists to Communicate Ideas About Their World Essay

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For centuries artistic practice has been used by artists to communicate their world. Art has served as a way for the artist to convey his or her understandings of the human experience. For most, artistic practice represents their response to the world around them – this is demonstrated through colour, proportion and scale and form and texture. Their artistic views can be expressed without the use of words or language. ‘Guernica’ is not just one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous artworks but also perhaps represents his most persuasive political statement. Picasso used ‘Guernica’ to portray his views on the destruction of the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. It represents the horror of war and is now recognized by many as an international symbol of peace. Picasso used this work to portray his views on the total destruction caused by the German raid on Guernica in which hundreds of innocent civilians were killed. Picasso uses images such as fallen soldiers, animals suffering and women in pain as well as destruction of buildings to portray his sorrow and the suffering of war. ‘Guernica’ Pablo Picasso The work is 349 x 776cm and its sharp images and dull colour tones of black, grey and white are used intentionally to promote the pointlessness of war. He uses shadows to depict suffering and pain and shows the turmoil he felt as a Spaniard. William Kentridge is famous for portraying his views through his work. Born in Johannesburg South Africa, the son of a civil rights lawyer, he grew up in the time of Apartheid and depicts this in prints, drawings and animated films. Through his work he has touched on issues such as social injustice , oppression and reconciliation . In ‘Shadow Procession 2000’ , William Kentridge uses short film , constructed from a series of drawings , to depict a pilgrimage of lonely black figures.

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