Explain How a Right Winged Dictator Like Adolf Hitler Became ‘Master of All Germany’ by 1934 Essay

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After Germany surrendered in the Great War, the pain and suffering that occurred on the battlefields followed the German soldiers home as they were greeted to a new and unfamiliar Germany, a city composed of neglect and desolation. The navy mutinied which resulted in Germany being further abandoned after The Kaiser left the nation, leaving citizens without a stable government and in a state of political chaos. In February of 1919 the Weimar Republic was formed, a democratic party consisting of no authentic political experience or authority. Both communists and nationalist parties despised the Weimar constitution and regulations with Germany’s foundations becoming volatile once more due to the parties lack of responsibility, experience and judgment. With a dictatorial vision, Adolf Hitler took advantage of the Nations weakness and saw it as an opportunity to form a new constitution of manipulated and devoted National Socialist supporters. He became a popular political figure among German citizens as he promised them a superior Nation and revenge on those who enforced humiliating repercussions from the war upon them. After the devastations of abandonment and the surrender during World War 1, the economical environment of Germany was depressingly impoverished due to the food blockade that surrounded Germany. With the Kaiser fleeing to Holland, Germany was left without a stable Government and was struggling economically due to all finances being spent to assist and support the soldiers at war. The national assembly began meeting in Weimar on the 6th of February 1919, to draw up a new democratic constitution, attempting to provide equality and an opportunity for German people to participate in the politics within the Government. Despite the Constitutions ambitious intentions neither the President, Friedrich Ebert nor the politicians were consistent in actualizing

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