Explain Health And Illness Essay

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Using one disease or health condition to illustrate your answer, compare and contrast the biomedical perspective on health and health care with ONE of the following perspectives: (i) a social scientific perspective; (ii) a cultural/lay perspective; (iii) a complementary health perspective There are a number of different models and explanations of health and illness. The biomedical perspective and cultural lay perspective are just two of these different health perspectives on health and health care. Using Cancer as an example of an illness it is possible to compare and contrast the two different health perspectives, in order to give a better understanding of them both. To compare the different perspectives a basic understanding of each of the perspectives is needed. The biomedical perspective on health care according to Edelman (2000) relates to disease as a concept, it is based on assumptions that illness’s are explained as a variation from ‘normal’ biological functioning and that the psychological and social process are largely independent of the disease. A biomedical perspective or model is often relevant for many disease based illness’s this is because it has intuitive appeal and it is supported by biological findings. Biomedical models of illness combine several closely related sets of beliefs. These beliefs are; that all illness and all symptoms and signs arise from underlying abnormality within the body referred to as a disease, which is usually in the functioning or structure of specific organs. All diseases give rise to symptoms, eventually if not initially, and although other factors may influence the consequences of the disease, they are not related to its development or manifestations. Another belief of this model is that health is the absence of disease and that mental phenomena, such as emotional disturbances or delusions, are separate from
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