Explain God as Creator Essay

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In Judaeo-Christian tradition God is the creator. This notion is not a debate -God is the creator. Many sections of the Bible relate to God as this creator, such as the Apostles' Creed 'Father almighty, creator of heaven and Earth'. There are many other sections that explore God as creator such as Genesis. In Genesis God is clearly the creator; he creates the 'heavens and the earth' Genesis 1:1, God creates the fish in the sea, birds in the heaven, animals on land. It is God who creates all this, there is no question or argument of that. There is a real focus on the creation of humanity, God creates man in his 'own image'. Before everything he creates God says 'Let there be...' and there is and it is 'very good'. The notion of everything being 'very good' explains that the creation of these things was very much intentional by God and is not appeared by chance. Genesis II refers to the creation by God of Adam and Eve (humanity), God is said to have 'made woman from the rib' this also shows God as a creator. Genesis seems to suggest that God created the earth from nothing (ex-nihilo) and this is an appealing factor to people today because it fits in with modern thinking of a big bang. In Job God is like a craftsmen which emphasises God as creator. God is said to have laid the foundations for earth: 'where were you when I laid the foundations of earth', 'who determined its measurements'. John Day suggests that God as a craftsmen means that God used pre-existing matter to form Earth not ex nihilo. This would go against the idea of God being omnipotent because it suggests that God is subject to some laws. In Job 38 God is anthropomorphised because he is likened to that of a potter in his creation of man from dust. The effect of anthropomorphism is to suggest God is like a craftsmen and this shows some of God's nature as designer. The image in Psalms of God's
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