Explain Child Protection Within the Wider Concept of Safe Guarding Children and Young People.

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All schools and organisations involving children should have by law a safeguarding policy. It’s a holistic approach to looking after children and young people involving all agencies that may have an interest. The policies are now called safeguarding, not child protection due to child protection being based mainly on abuse; safeguarding covers everything of child protection and more. Safeguarding is all the policies and procedures given to help provide the child some safety; all policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated regularly. Child protection is part of the wider concept to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people and is to do with looking out for the children that look to be suffering from any kind of abuse, maltreatment and trying to prevent impairment before it’s too late. The system tries to give them a positive environment to grow up in by providing safe and caring environments. Families who are seen to be failing to look after their children can be taken in to court, and in certain circumstances, have their children taken away from them and put in to care or to another part of their family. Safeguarding a child is to make sure that they have a positive experience when developing an be able to achieve their full potential and have the right to not be abused and be protected from abuse, neglect or exploitation from anyone they know or do not know. Conclusion All children and young people should get the chance to lead a happy growing life and not have to suffer from abuse in anyway. If they do suffer from some kind of abuse, it is good for the child to know that there are agencies out there to help when they are needed for their specialist area. All agencies are set out to get the child or young person back to a positive way of life without the back thought that they are about to be
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