Explain 3 Strengths of Representative Democracy Essay

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Explain three strengths of representative democracy (10 marks) * The elected representative will have expert knowledge and they will always do what is in the best interest of the whole population rather than do what just a few people actually want. What the representative may do at the time may not please everyone, but because of their knowledge which no on else actually has they make the right decisions that in the long run, are beneficial * You can change representatives at election times. The voting tends to be every 5 years. The act of voting every few years means that if the party with the power hasn’t done what they said they were going to achieve or no longer does what the people want, they can elect a new government to be in charge of the country. * In a representative democracy they are able to represent the whole community and not just the majority, the public don’t exercise the power themselves, they chose by election who will rule on there behalf Define direct democracy (5 marks) * Form of democracy that is based on the direct, unmediated and continuous participation of citizens in the tasks of government. * People make the decisions themselves – govern themselves * It obliterates the distinction between government and the people * People themselves determine what decisions should be considered * People vote and the government have to do exactly what the people say * People are in fact the government there are no separate professional politicians * Use referendum where people vote on a popular issue like if we should be in the EU or

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