Expert B – Business Continuity Plan (Bcp) – Implementation Plan

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EXPERT B – BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN (BCP) – IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The BCP plan has for mission to cater all phases of the disaster or disruption in the case of the Expert B Company. Implementing the plan consists in communicating the purpose of the plan to all employees, the organization of the plan, the description of different roles and tasks, and providing necessary trainings. In addition, the implementation includes the security before, during, and after the disruption. Not the least in the entire process of implementing, monitoring and adjusting are the last steps in the implementation. The implementation process Implementing: after establishing a written BCP; the leadership of the company, will communicate the existence of the plan and the reasons behind it to all employees. Different ways to communicate are e-mails, memos, meetings, and face to face interviews if necessary. To implement the plan, there will be delegation of roles and description of tasks for clear understanding and effective performance (establishment of different strategies). In the meantime, the process of implementation requires trainings and a security plan. Trainings are scheduled according to the urgency of the matter. Training will take place to enhance the different skills required to implement, monitor, and maintain the BCP. The security aspect of the implementation is very important. There will be a special training for the security of data in information technology. It includes the primary security features associated with the system hardware and software (database system management). The security that is in place during the implementation process: the company requires the site (company) that house the servers that run the data base to ensure the privacy and security of all data (password…). Monitoring: The plan could be tested fortunately. The tool that the company will use

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