Experimenting with Animals Is Worthy as It Saves Human Life

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‘Experimenting with animals is worthy as it saves human life’ INTRO: Using animals to advance scientific knowledge understand disease and develop and test new medicines and life saving cures is a very controversial topic in today’s society. Whilst some go to extremes such as using violence to protect animals, others see no moral problems with animal testing for medical research as it is benefiting humans. FOR: Animal testing in the past has proved to be very successful, as it has developed vaccines to diseases such as TB, rabies and mumps. Every medical therapy has evolved from animal research for his reason it is believed that Animal testing is a good thing. If a doctor wants to use animals for research they have to prove that the harm of the animal equals the benefit it will give the human, also, through legislation all lab animals must be protected form cruelty of mistreatment. In addition, millions of animals are killed each year for food, does this benefit humans to the extent that animal research for life saving cures does? Surely medical research on animals is a more worthy cause of death. This is another reason why people are pro- animal testing. God made man in charge of animals and to rule over them, “rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every other living creature that moves on the ground” Many Christians do not have an issue with eating animals, as they believe that god made animals for humans to eat. Similarly, they believe that humans have a higher value than animals because of their unique relationship with god and the souls they have that no other species of animal has. This is why animals should be used instead of humans. Humans are superior to animals and animals only have value as they are useful to humans, in this respect, using animals is a worthy cause if it is saving the humans life. AGAINST: On the

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