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Summary and Emotional responses Experimental Psychology B.M.C.C Psychology 100-611 Professor Roane June 16, 2011 Professor Roane 6/16/2011 Part 1 Summary The Journal of “Little Emotional Albert” was a case study of an 8- month old orphan conducted by behaviorist John B Watson and student Rosalie Raynor. Watson and Raynor was interested in showing how this child could be conditioned to fear by a specific animal or object by a loud sound. The child name was Albert B. However, Watson and Raynor expose little Albert to white rabbits, rats, dogs, and a white cotton wool and Watson himself with a mask with and without gray hair. But Albert did not show any sign of neutral stimuli (fear). Watson continued the experiment and ran initial test where he determine if an emotional response of fear could be conditioned when the loud noise was paired with the animals and objects. Watson wanted to find out if this fear would transfer to other objects and how long would this response last? Naturally, the child began to cry after hearing the unconditioned stimulus. After repeatedly pairing the white rat with the loud noise, Albert began to cry simply after seeing the rat. Watson was able to show that emotional responses could be learned because little Albert was startled when they expose the objects again with loud noises banging the steel bars with a hammer. Albert became frightened which explained Watson theory that fear could be conditioned in an infant. As Watson would persist the experiment over time little

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