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Introduction Many people believe that brand names tell the quality of a product (Erdem, 1998). They tend to choose products on a basis of brands. Yet, it was found that many people enjoy drinking their favourite beer the most only when the brand label are shown. Most of them could not identify their favourite brands of beer when the brand label is removed (Mauser, 2013). In the light of this, I have designed an experiment to see whether people’s rating on a product is influenced by the provision of the packaging of a famous brand. Experimental Design and Procedures In this experiment, the product used is mini egg custard mooncakes of the restaurant “Spring Moon” from The Peninsula Hong Kong. The hypothesis is the packaging of a famous brand affects people’s rating on a particular food. The independent variable is the packaging of a famous brand. Its operational definition is the packaging of mooncakes from Spring Moon, which is a box showing the brand name clearly. The dependent variable is people’s rating on a particular food. Its operational definition is to give marks on the taste of the mooncake, which is rated by the participants. The full mark is 10. The higher the marks, the tastier the mooncake is. The experiment will be conducted in a mobile lorry. There will be only one participant and two observers inside the lorry. The target participants are adults from Hong Kong. Random sampling will be adopted. The lorry will be driven to different districts, so that 50 participants will be randomly chosen and invited to attend our experiment. Also, single-blind procedure will be used. Participants will not know the aims of this experiment. After choosing the participants, randomly assignment will be used to group the participants into experimental group and control group. Each group will have 25 participants. For the experimental group, each participant will

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