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3.2.1 Local educational institutions Local educational institutions, which include formal institutions such as primary schools and second- ary schools, as well as non-formal institutions such as Community Learning Centres and community- based education programmes, are the key sources of data about education. Records kept in these institutions contain data about education in the local area and are particularly useful as the basis for reporting data in response to the annual school census. 3.2.2 Household information Local households are a second key source of data about education. information regarding the social, economic and cultural background and the demographic characteristics of school-age children, youth and adults in the households are crucial for analysing factors that affect access and retention in education, and the impact of education. 3.2.3 Individual persons individual persons refer to local people who are involved either directly or indirectly in education, such as students, teachers, principals, parents, local community leaders, etc. detailed information about individual students and teachers is considered to be the most micro-level information about the education system. As individuals, students and teachers can provide information about the state of access and participation in the education system, the quality of education, as well as other data about the educational environment and realities within the local area. Gathering data from these individuals can help to identify the reasons why some children are not enrolled, drop out of school, or attend class irregularly, and how education impacts on their life. 3.2.4 Local administration The local government administration and other relevant local bodies may record and regularly update information about the local area and its population. Local administrative bodies may also keep

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