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Introduction/Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine conversion factors between the English and metric systems and teaching us how to find typical measurements of length, volume, and mass by having accurate and precise measurements. In chemistry, there are many numerical results collected in different types of measurements. These measurements can be calculated in one system and converted equivalently into another system. This experiment required to measure both solids and liquids, and convert measurements into both English and metric systems. The metric system has taken over much of the English system today. The metric system uses feet in length, gallons for volume, and pounds of weight. The English system uses meters for length, liters for volume, and grams for masses. Our measurements they had to be precise and accurate. Accuracy is how close several measured values are to the true value and precision is how close the values are to each other. To justify our numbers, we calculated the percent accuracy that can be found by dividing the experimental average minus the actual measurement by the actual total and then multiplied by 100. Density was also used in this experiment as well as other conversions learned during class. Procedure: Part 1- Length: As a group, we were to measure the desk top with a meter stick and express our answers in centimeters and inches. We were also to calculate how many centimeters equaled one inch from the date. Part 2- Volume: We collected and filled up a two quart container with tap water. Using a 100 mL graduated cylinder, we were to empty out the two quart container using the graduated cylinder, and keep track of the increments to the nearest mL. We had to find out how many mL were in a one quart container, so we divided our data by 2 to find the correct measurement. We also determined the

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