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Plan An Investigation To Examine The Properties of Metals, Non-metals And Semi-metals Aim- To examine the properties of metals, non-metals and semi-metals. Hypothesis- Metals are good conductors of electricity, and will also be malleable. Whereas semi-metals and non-metals are brittle and poor conductors of electricity. Material- • Eight Labels • Seven vials with caps, filled with the following: -iron filings -sulfur rolls -zinc -graphite -silicon -tin -carbon • 1 dropper bottle of Hydrochloric acid • One hammer • Eight pieces of paper each measuring approximately 3.5inches • 1 nine volt battery • 1 light bulb • 3 pieces of insulated copper wire • One test tube holder • Seven test tubes Safety- • Wear safety goggles to protect eyes from chemicals • Wear fully enclosed leather shoes to protect feet broken glass • Always focus on your experiment to avoid accidents Method- 1. Fill and label the vials as follows: Vial 1-Iron filings Vial 2-Sulfur Vial 3- Zinc Vial 4-Graphite Vial 5-Silicon Vial 6- Tin Vial 7-Carbon 2. Open Vial 1 and shake a pea sized portion of the sample onto the white paper. Observe the appearance of the sample.(e.g. colour and lustre) 3. Test the malleability of the sample by placing a second piece of paper over the top of the sample and crush with the hammer. Remove the top piece of paper and observe the sample. 4. Test the conductivity of the sample with the 9V battery by placing the ends of the connected to the 9V battery into the sample vial. Then place two more wires into the sample vial and connect to the light bulb. 5. Place a test tube into the test tube rack. Pour sample 1 from the paper (step 2) into the test tube. Add 15 drops of hydrochloric acid into the test tube. Wait at least 3 minutes before observing then recording the observations of the sample reacting with an acid. 6. Repeat steps 2-5 for

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