Experiencing the Difference Essay

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Online and Campus College ENC1101 Experiencing the Difference When you attend college you may not know whether you want to attend an online class or a campus class. “For students of traditional universities or colleges, the national average for time spent earning and undergraduate degree is in excess of four years. Undergraduate students of online universities can earn their degrees in far less time (average 2-3 years).” Both will help your increase you education and achieve your goals. Online classes allow you to be more flexible. It is also available for those who don’t have colleges within driving distance from their homes. Whereas, campus classes you encounter a face-to-face interaction with your professors and peers. When you have that face-to-face action you are more likely to get involved and stay involved. Experiencing an online and Campus College can be different for everyone; you have to figure out what's the best learning experience for you. Many students are not able to take campus-based courses due to distance or timetabling limitations (Schaika, 2010). Online college is for those you have a busy schedule and cannot make it to school every day. Online college is very flexible, easy, and cost less per course. Advantages of online colleges are: “online professors themselves are more readily available, and students who are shy or reservations about public speaking have the chance to take part, in the online environment. You'll never have to fight traffic or do your makeup in order to attend class, online classes require no costs for parking, fuel, babysitting, or on-the-go meals, and even though e-learning isn't technologically complicated, you will learn a lot of terms and skills that you might not encounter in a traditional classroom. “Getting comfortable with online exercises is an important part of 21st century career preparation”

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