Experiences in Digital Literacy

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Joseph Young English 101-20 2/7/2014 Experiences in Digital Literacy To my realization technology has always been in my life. Every time I make a turn there is technology in each path. Whether I’m in school or at home even outside, technology has dominated society from the bottom up. Thus I have encouraged myself to become a Digital Native by enjoying technology to my fullest capacity. I could name a great amount that changed the way I see technology. However there are only three that remain most important to me. My computer, old IPod, and internet clarified me to having the desire to improve the capabilities of electronics, listen to different music genres, and gather more information about the world. One part of technology that has expanded my digital literacy would have to be my old desktop computer. I didn’t get one until my second year in middle school. I knew what a computer was, just was not able to experience what it could do or what it was capable of. Knowing that all of my friends had a computer of some sort it made me feel kind of left out, because when I’d hear them talk about how fast and cool their computers were. I felt like I wasn’t able to join the conversation for I truly didn’t know much of PCs. Except for word processing and mouse clicking, besides there’s not much to talk about there. Once I actually obtained a computer of my own I was able to chat with my friends about computer technology and how we could make it better for ourselves and each other. Not only did I experiment with my computer I also browsed its inner parts. Such as its hard drive and cd drive in addition to other parts as well. Observing everything and seeing what was connected to what and how the motherboard made those parts work the way it did. Computers intrigued me so much I just kept absorbing information about that one computer until I couldn’t cram no more. To this
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