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Humans are the best creatures in this word and are really special. Humans can do anything that they want by themselves but humans still need animals and plants. Likewise, they also need humans. So, in this world we depend on each other to stay alive and to survive. Every people have their different thought about relationship between humans and animals. That why, there are clubs for animals right and also there are a lot of animals abuse cases in this world. This all depend on the individual sense of humanity toward animals. In this story, I would like to share about the relationship between humans and cats in my life. Some people think that rearing cats is a burden to them and do not benefited at all. However, for me having cats in my house are the wonderful moments in my life as they teach me and my family a lot of things in our life- the good and the bad things. Four years ago, I heard sound of kittens in front of my house such that the kittens trying to find some help. In the heavy rain, I went out outside and trying to find where the sound came from. Suddenly, I saw a box nearby the bushes, when I looked inside the box there was a little kitten was shivering. At that time I still heard the sound of kittens somewhere near the bushes and I keep looking until I found one inside the bushes, two inside a drain and one more on the road. There were five of them, and then I bring them inside my house. I dried them and feed them some food. After that, I ask my mother permission to rear them, at first she did not let it as she said to me do not get yourself into trouble because to rear cats is really difficult but at last she gave me the permission. I assume that, those kittens being left by a man with hope someone will take care of the cats soon. How dare he can leave those kittens in a heavy rain, those kittens can die in the rain if I did not find them. As time

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