Experiences as a Writer Essay

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Running head: EXPERIENCES AS A WRITER 1 Experiences as a Writer Kendrick Osby Professor Daramola English 090 November 20, 2012 Strayer University MY EXPERIENCES AS A WRITER 2 My Experiences as a writer My writing experiences started when I was attending elementary. I remember writing about different books I had read and things I did over the weekend. I wrote about the times when my parents took me to the state fair. My parents let my brother and I ride many fun rides. We had the most fun on the swings and the bumper cars. My writing experiences continued through middle school and high school, but middle school was a lot more interesting. I had to read and write about different magazines and news articles, one of my favorites was Sports Illustrated. In the magazine was an article about the Chicago Bulls, the article talked about the team on the way to win a championship. The Bulls had a player by the name of Michael Jordan, who later became one of basketball all- time greatest players. Jordan help the team win six NBA Championship titles. Writing became a learning experience for me as it made me to read a lot of books and magazines. The more I read, the more my mind opened up to what was going on around the world. Writing did more than teach me about the worldly things, it also made me a better person. Writing made me a better person by having to slow things down in life and not be in a rush to do everything. Writing essays are hard but you can learn a lot from reading and writing essays, such as how to prepare yourself for the outside world. You can learn how to apply for different jobs and how to fill out other important papers when you learn how to read and write essays. High school was where writing became a lot more challenging as I had to write papers on politics, and the different speeches that were given by
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