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experience Essay

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  • on May 17, 2008
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The Experience Life Brings To Over

The English society was a time of dramatic in the late eighteenth century. The Romantic time period had embrace the naturalness, imagination, and turned away from emphasis on reason. The poems expressed the Romantic beliefs and imagination of the human mind and the ways of nature. Therefore, the Romantic Period was a time when poets turned from public verse to private and inner world dreams. John Keats sonnet “When I have Fears” and William Wordsworth sonnet “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” used personification, rhyme, imagery to bring out the meaning behind the sonnets to life. The Romantic had rejected the formal ways of writing; they started to write about personal experience and emotion that are felt. The rebellion of the poets during the late eighteenth century, to write what they wanted. They wrote about what they felt because they wanted to change the future somehow, to make it better.
Both of the poets wrote about experiences in their life that had changed them forever. “When I Have Fears,” the poet reflects about the possibility that death is upon him. The disappointment on his work, life, and his love life was the beginning of his ill health. Keats had used fourteen-line writing and he also used a couplet at the end of the poem. In “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” a poet Wordsworth who loves nature and its beauty, which was his beginning of his poetic life. He was also move by the sleeping city which was in London. William Wordsworth saw everything different from what everyone else saw in the world. He saw the world as a very beautiful place, even if it didn’t look very nice, he saw it beautiful. He uses personification and his imagination to make it the most beautiful place that you have ever seen in your whole life time. What you saw as neediness and disguised by it he saw what it made be.
Personification was a way the poets bring their sonnets to life. It describes their life and what they had felt. It also...

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