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Volunteer work at Montfort Hospital Could you ever imagine, that doing some experience – volunteering, to be exact, would be so stressing? Especially when it is in a place where people save the lives of others? If you have guessed it, it is in fact at Montfort Hospital. Being interested in health care and love to help people, I have done 2 years of volunteer experience in the hospital, as a nurses help. In the beginning, it was possibly the world’s most stressful thing to do, when you did not have a clue on what to do, unless instructions were given to you. I have learned that the more I worked twice as hard every single day, the better I had the experience, and was treated like one of them. I felt like I was part of the team. As well as meeting the other volunteers and become great friends with them, it was by far the best two summers I have ever had. First things first. Going back to summer 2013, when it was my first year of volunteering. Having no experience whatsoever, and being able to work with nurses was indeed exciting. Although some stress has kicked in back then, I knew I needed to have some confidence and work hard. When I have done my first step into my station, my supervisor, the nurses, and the receptionists were all very welcoming! It boosted my confidence up. The simplest things they have asked me to do, were harder in the beginning. Like, for an example, making the patients beds, and filling up the carts, with some blankets and the hospital gowns. Pichette-Macra 2 The best part about the first week experience, was becoming friends with a college student, Linda – who was doing her work with me, has helped me with my duties and has taught me more about the studies of becoming a nurse. Things have become simpler for me, and for the nurses who needed an extra hand with anything they needed. As the days went by, the nurses barely told me

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