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SCARY EXPERIENCE I will never forget a scary experience that happened to me when I was in form 3. It was a Tuesday. Unlike the other days , that day my mother told me that she could not pick me up from school as she had to attend an important meeting so mom told me to go home by bus. As I walked to the bus station, I felt very sleepy. I know that must be because of the computer games that I played all night long the night before. I almost dragged myself to the bus stop. As soon as I got to the bus stop, I noticed that the 47 bus that would be passing my by my area. the bus was just arriving. Therefore, I was happy and I thought today was my day. When I got on the bus, there were many people on the bus. I walked right to the back of the bus . I sat looking outside the bus but I was very tired and soon I fell asleep. Suddenty there was a strong jerk. When I woke up, I was nervous and worried because I realized that the bus was travelling pass a very unfamiliar housing estates., so I got off the bus right away. When I got off the bus, I saw a big bungalow. I thought of asking someone in the house if they know how to get back to my house. After ringing the bell for almost 15 minutes no one answered . the It was so scary because there were nobody living in the bungalow. Afte ringing the bell for more than five minutes, I decided to call my mother . She must be in her meeting room because there was not answer. I had no choice but to walk on. As I walk I prayed that I would find some familiar faces or a familiar building. After walking for al most twenty minutes I realize I was really lost. I prayed hard that the no 47 bus would pass by the area but I did not happen. Soon I reached a taxi stand. Then I saw a taxi and I quickly stopped it.

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