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Through The Window I never experience these in my life, before; I’m just riding on a bus, going in U.P, sitting beside the window, and witnessing what is happening outside. Those people living along the sidewalk, “slum areas nga sabi nang iba”, were always catching my attention. While sitting beside the window, I am looking at them, curious about what they were doing. But now, I am not just looking at them from inside the bus. I am going to be one of them. For me this is once in a lifetime experience because I will encounter the same way that they do. The day of immersion came. I am on my way to the house were I was assigned. It was too different. The places were dark, and the way to their house was too narrow. It was very different from the place where I grew up. I met Aling Gaida Cruz, the owner of the house assigned to me, and while entering their house, I saw them smiling. Then I asked, “ kamusta naman po kayo ditto?” at first they just give me a sighed without knowing what to say. But then Aling Gaida gave me an answer that stuck in my mind, “ masaya naman kami kahit ganito lang.” Although we often hear this line in some telenovelas, still saying this to you face-to-face is a lot different. It’s like being contented on their status in life. She has five children and his husband Mang Jun which I didn’t have the chance to talk to because he was a construction worker. It was the first time I’ve been to these kind of place and I did not expect that I would come this far because their house was too crowded and it was very hot, when it rains, they have to wipe their floor. At first I thought that they were not happy to these kind of living because they don’t have a comfortable life. They have to work hard to feed their five children. We shared stories

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