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A time in which I have had to collaborate with a student closely on a project was with my cousin Aracelis. We had to create a baby book about an element that our teacher provided us. At first we had a little bit of trouble because the book had to be nice and neat and we had to be creative with it. After about 45 minutes, Aracelis and I came to the conclusion that we needed to buy some crafts and spray paint. We bought baby stickers and a lot of other baby scrapbook supplies. We arrived back at my house and we quickly got to work on our project. We took the scrapbook paper and used multiple spray paint to make cool designs with stencils. When those were all dry, we started to cut and paste our project onto our papers. We faced a couple of challenges while putting our project together because while working with the spray paint, the wind was blowing in our direction and we were getting spray painted. We had glue all over our hands and all the paper shavings were getting stuck on the table and we couldn't get them off. Even though we had all those challenges, in the end the outcome was very good. We both ended up getting As and extra credit points for the creativity we included in our books. Our teacher said that they were two of the best projects she has had in all her teaching years. In fact she kept them as examples for next year when she gives the project again. We learned that even though we had to bust our butts working on it, everything was worth it in the end. The phrase "hard work pays off" became evident in this project. This experience showed me that working with a partner helps you understand the problem better and it shows you how to put both your head and your partner's head together to get a better result. While working with my cousin, I also learned that four hands are always better than two hands because when you have someone there to help you, you

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