Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, directed by Nathan Frankowski is a documentary movie that states the controversy between the explanations given by Intelligence Design, and the ones considered by science. In this film, the theory of evolution originated by Charles Darwin is the disagreement between these both sides. Evolutionary theory is believed by scientists as the explanation for the existence of life; while the idea of a superior entity that created life is sustained by a significant group of the Academia. In addition to this, the movie shows the cases of several scientists who were disqualified because they thought differently from the scientific mainstream. Because there is a lack of answers and explanations that science does not have, it is expectable that the idea of a superior entity would fill that blank. In addition, it is seen in this society that science and religion are opposed to each other and cannot be compatible. However, it is a fact that neither science nor religion can give a proper answer for every inquiry of human existence. Each theory seems to answer the main issue, which is how life has been originated, based on statements taken from their own structure of rules. Because of this, the question of how life is originated continues to be unanswered. The film shows how the application of the evolutionary theory caused extreme episodes in the history of human kind. Although science is seen as a developed and improved understanding of the world which brought several answers and solutions for humanity, science also caused the countless number of killings because some people believed in the existence of a superior race. This extreme application of a conviction proves that religion and science are not that different. Although Darwinism has not been the main reason to devise the killings, the holocaust illustrates how any
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