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expectations in a writing essay

  • Submitted by: da1_4u_and_4ever
  • on June 14, 2008
  • Category: English
  • Length: 2,365 words

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Below is a free excerpt of "expectations in a writing essay" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


This document is formatted similarly to the instructions given below.

• Type on a computer (unless otherwise directed)
• Print on standard A4 white paper (unless otherwise directed)
• FULL JUSTIFY your essay (i.e. you will note in this document that the margin on the left and the right are “straight edge” and that the right margin is not “ragged”. Use the “Full Justify” button at the top of your computer in the toolbars).
• Double space (on WORD, go to “Format”  “Paragraph”  “Line spacing”  “Double”)
• Use legible font, e.g. TIMES NEW ROMAN, ARIAL or COURIER (this document is printed using ARIAL font)
• Leave only a single space after fullstops
• Set margins to 2.5 centimetres right, left, top and bottom (“File”  “Page Setup”  “Margins” and then set). This document has the recommended margins set.
• Create a header (similar to this document) that numbers all pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner and which has in the upper left corner the following information:   QASMT ENGLISH – YOUR NAME – YOUR CLASS – YOUR TEACHER’S NAME – SHORT FORM OF TASK TITLE. (To create a header, go to “View”  “Header and Footer”  then insert the information as required, using BOLD 8 point font. To create automatic page numbers go to “Insert”  “Page numbers”  “Top of page”  “Alignment right”). DO NOT INCLUDE PAGE NUMBER OR HEADER ON A TITLE PAGE/COVER SHEET.
• Use italics for titles and publications throughout your essays, except when handwriting (e.g. in an exam), when you underline titles and publications.
• Create a title page/cover sheet for your essay, formatted thus: (a) Your name (b) Your teacher’s name (c) your class/course, e.g. Year 11D IB A1 English (d) title/question of essay (NB, no HEADER or pagination on cover sheet).
• ALL DRAFTS (including rough notes) must be submitted at the back of your final HARD copy, stapled securely. This is evidence of...

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