Expect and Reject Essay

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irene Garcia English 26 March 24,2014 Accept / Reject When she was growing up, she was a female dominated by male characters, that makes her future completely a housewife based on her cultural identity, especially by her dad. Also, person judges her and her personality in general. Therefore, she rejected her dad cultural identity to look for her own cultural identity. Furthermore, she is profoundly independent young girl and had a difficult experience in her childhood with her dad. Her dad misunderstood her future of going to college. He thought, it was a way for girls to meet her husband. Also, she understands that she is very important, on the other hand her dad gave more attention to her brothers. Additionally, she feels unappreciated by her dad on her professional career as an author and writer.it means that her dad is not proud of her daughter, thus holds back respect for her and putting down her career education. She tries extremely hard and everything that she wrote has been for dad to win approved.She gives her dad her owns story copy to read in Spanish (Father’s native language), and he likes it a lot. She was a professional writer creating works of art, although her dad was sick. Women's not faded even though several cultural identities of a different kind person disapproved of having a female child. In short, she didn't waste her education, she used a great pathway to have a better future. She had an uncommon experience of her dad. She is capable of doing as much as her brothers, may stand up and tries hard to receive acceptance from her

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