Exp 105 Learning from the Past Discussion Essay

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My LCI Scores = Seq 22, Prec 28, TR 23, Con 22 Choose a job you have held and provide a brief description. The most current job I had was working as a Brand Specialist at Forever 21 clothing store. My position included me to be responsible for managing a company brand. DEvelop plans that support lines of service and brand objectives. Also devise campaigns that increase the awareness of stature of a company. My my main goal was to coordinate objectives with marketing creative, and advertising departments. Make sure I develop and enrich customer service experience and drive profitable sales, brand growth and loyalty for a number of business areas. 2) Describe three tasks that were required for this job that you most enjoyed, explain why you enjoyed it and list the Learning Patterns required for the tasks. With this job I really enjoyed being able to dress the mannequins, before any customers came into the store. I had to give them a sense of style to sell and advertise clothing in my section of the store. In Forever 21 all the rooms in the store have different themes. I particularly worked in the plus size section of the store, so I had to put all those themes inside of one room. I adored being able to pick the clothes I liked for the mannequin and choosing accessories, purses etc. I would use the Sequence and Precision pattern. I really enjoyed being able to decorate the whole room, because it was my room in the store. I was able to choose which clothes I wanted to take from the back and fill the room up with whatever I picked from decorations, to fixtures, to give the room life. The patterns I would say I had to use would be Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence. Lastly but not least, I really enjoyed the Personal Shopping experience with my customers. Where I would have to help guests find clothing they were looking for or pick out certain

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