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From 2010 until 2014, I was the Accounting Supervisor for a nationwide Logistics Management company. During this time, I produced and analyzed various financial reports, and managed the accounting department as a whole. · I was intrigued by the weekly recap I produced weekly, which reflected the company’s total margin for that particular week. It was interesting to see just how much our local office was bringing in as profit on a weekly basis. Compiling productivity reports to track work flow, performance, and accuracy was something that not only intrigued me, but I was also very passionate about. I am a firm believer that if an employee is consistently at the top of their game, successful, and an asset to the company, they should be recognized and compensated for accordingly. By paying close attention to the productivity report, I was able to make sure that was happening. I was also responsible for setting goals and goal execution plans for the accounting department as a whole. Setting goals, working together towards them, and actually hitting or surpassing the goal is a great feeling. It was definitely one of my favorite duties during my time with that company. Learning Patterns Required - Weekly Recap/Margin Report: In order to complete this report each week, Sequence played a crucial role. Using the Sequence Learning Pattern, I was able to structure, format, and organize the report. Precision was also used throughout the report to ensure accuracy. - Productivity Reports: Again, same Learning Patterns were utilized; Sequence and Precision. - Setting goals and Plans for Execution: The Confluence Learning Pattern was much needed to successfully fulfil this task. In order to actually come up with the goals, a lot of brainstorming and creative thinking was involved. Along with the created goals, the

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