Exit Throught the Gift Shop Analysis

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Do you consider graffiti to be a crime or a form of art? The movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop” puts you directly in the perspective of a street artist. In this paper you will find an analysis of this movie in terms of Fred Campers criteria for experimental cinema, a consideration of effect and intent on the behalf of the film maker, and what elements of form and content contribute to this effect. This film follows along the lines of experimental films very closely, compared to Fred Campers criteria, as will be shown in the following paragraph. The first criteria: Experimental films are not commercial. This is true of this movie because it was produced by Banksy himself; also the audience is lead to believe that this film is what came of hours of footage shot by Thierry. Beside the interviews of Thierry and Banksy throughout the movie, all the footage was shot by Thierry, thus not costing much money to Banksy. The second criteria: Experimental films are personal. This film is very personal to but not to one person. The story is about Thierry’s experiences before, during, and after filming street artists. It also makes it more personal because throughout the movie we are shown scenes of an interview of Thierry commenting on his life. At the same time this movie is personal to Bansky because this is all happening because of him. Not only would this story not have been told without him but he is the antagonist of the story, setting everything in motion once he comes across Thierry. The third criteria: Experimental films do not conform to conventional expectations of story and narrative cause and effect. In the beginning of this movie has the audience thinking this is most like other narratives because we see cause and effect through Thierry filming his cousin, finding his passion for street art, then meeting Shepard, who eventually brings together Banksy and him

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