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Evaleisha Nixon Mrs. Waterman English IV 31 January 2014 Birth Control Birth control is an affordable option for many women. Having babies back to back can destroy individuals. Whether women should be able to use birth control is an ongoing topic. People feel like using birth control, it is a form of murder because it is preventing sperm from reaching the egg and it is stopping the blessing that could be received. Then again, women should be able to use birth control for numerous reasons. Women should have the opportunity to use birth control, especially if having another baby could cause problems in the couple’s marriage. Individuals should have a decision to use birth control also if having another baby will be a finical burden upon them. Also women should have the right to use birth control if having a baby will damage its health. It is a right for women to plan their pregnancies, and to control their body. Having the right to decide whether you want a baby should be the mother’s choice and not society. What if having a baby would harm the woman’s marriage. Also what if the women doesn’t use birth control, and she lose everything she every dream of because her husband said that is enough and he doesn’t want any more children. How will you feel if this was your family and everything could have been avoided if you would have used one simple thing call birth control? The second reason I feel like women should be able to use birth control is because of financial burdens. Having enough money not to provide for your kids is probably one of the hardest things ever women, not even women, but a family should have to face. No women should have to go around digging in trash bags to try and feed a child. Also no individual should have to watch they baby suffer from mild nutrient. No baby should have to go around walking in just pampers because his or her

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