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The ACT. The test that could make or break what colleges you can attend. Some schools are now thinking of adding another test similar to the style of the ACT. This test is called an exit exam. If you pass the test you get to graduate, if you fail you get another year of high school. Some people believe these tests will help separate students who are ready to move on to college and those who are not and require another year of high school to mature and grow. There are many downsides to a test like this such as bad test takers those who pass who do not deserve to and too much relying on a single test. There are some students who just have a problem taking standardized tests. There are students that when they have a test in front of them, they freak out and do badly on the tests. Others are sometimes are slow test takers and require more time to finish. The test itself can also be a problem. This test would make some students get stressed out before they took it. Students would have to study for this test along with other exams like finals or 9 weeks. Also if a student just has a bad test day it could ruin their chances of getting out of high school. Some students have taken a test and did poorly but when they retook it they did better than before by a large margin. ACT style tests are just harder for some students to take which is why exit exams should not be allowed. The exit exam for students that are already in a.p. classes or have a high GPA would just add another burden. It would be one more major test they would have to fit into their busy schedule. If an intelligent student does not pass the test that would mean they would be classified as not being mature enough to graduate. This would not be fair to the students who studied and have proved themselves by being in the harder classes. There are some students who are not mature enough or have not grown enough in

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