Existentialism Essay

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Sartre wrote Existentialism Is a Humanism to demonstrate the positive attributes of Existentialism and individuals making their own authentic choices. As the pupil in the story does not blame anyone for his circumstances most followers of existentialism do not. He is willing to take responsibility for his own actions and wants to choose the best path. He is weighing his desires out against all possibilities and what his mother needs. Existentialism allows an individual to follow their ambitions and find meaning for their life. Everyone needs to find a meaning in their life to be successful. Understanding what purpose individuals are here to serve and what they are called to be gives guidance and eliminates wondering through life aimlessly. Different individuals having different callings or reasons for existence but it is human nature to desire to be socially connected to someone especially loved ones such as the pupil and his mother. Everyone has a need to be loved and accepted. The philosophy of Existentialism is what helps individuals who may be born into unfortunate circumstances or go through trials and tribulations to come out ahead and still striving to be successful. An individual born with a disability or into a poverty situation could just give up deciding never to strive to overcome what they have been dealt blaming it on their circumstances but the individual who follows the philosophy of Existentialism will learn to make their own choices and find ways to overcome their circumstances. The individual who overcomes the circumstances through gaining self-knowledge and understanding life situations are not always rationale but their choices must be. Existentialism states that an individual comes into life, a circumstance, or situation and then finds meaning with it. Life must be lived within an individual’s purpose once they have realized what to do

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