Existentialism Essay

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Existentialism is a popular philosophy that theorizes that the universe is a determined ordered system intelligible to the observer who can find natural rules that preside over all organisms. It also emphasizes the significance of reason as a power guiding all biological activity. Existentialism is present in various literary works, however, three major tenets stand out: the belief that morality is an illusion, the thought that will determines action, and the theory that the absence of God leads to no objective good or evil. To those who believe in higher powers, the tenets of Existentialism may seem untrue because of their irreverence and denial of fate, however when applied to the texts of Camus, Gilman, and Jackson, it becomes evident that existentialist ideas are both prevalent and true. The tenets of Existentialism are evident in the writings of Camus, Gilman, and Jackson where traditions control societies and will controls action. According to Existentialism, “Morality is an illusion’ a belief portrayed in Camus’ character Meursault, in his thought “I gripped Raymond’s gun in my pocket,” (Stranger 58). The picture of the revolver is an allusion to gun control in the US, a controversial issue today. While many conservatives feel defend that the possession of arms is a constitutional right, liberals feel that guns lead to tragic and unnecessary violence and therefore want to place tighter restrictions on purchases. While said liberals blame the guns themselves, the popularly held belief is “guns do not cause harm, people do”. A firearm is not necessarily good or evil in it’s own, and rather is an instrument for the will of the beholder. Therefore, in the case of gun control morality is an illusion because ideologies fight to characterize what moral tenets are housed in an inanimate object, when they should be focused on those who intend to buy the guns.

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