Existence Of Racism In M & M's Chocolate Candy

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Johnny Moua Anthropology 5/20/2013 Racism Awareness Racism is something that has been around since the founding days of our country whether directly or indirectly. Many people are aware of it, and many try to believe that it ceases to exist. Not only does it still exist, but practiced, whether directly or indirectly as well. People from all over the world are around it everyday, and most do not recognized when racism is affecting them. Not only does racism affect everyone, but also, it can be taught from one generation to another not knowingly. Times have changed since the early days of our country, and racism is taught to be frowned upon, but is that really true? How do we really know that children are now being taught that judging…show more content…
Little and simple steps will lead many to see the big picture. One example that many have used and still effective is the use of candy. One of the most common and easily accessible candies are M&M’s chocolate candy. At one point in time, everyone has eaten a single M&M candy or even a bag of the candy. They have a couple different varieties of the candy, but most consist of the same ingredients. For example, the candies have a hard candy shell that is colored in a few of the primary colors, and inside the shell there is a chocolate filling. One of the types of M&M’s has a peanut inside the shell as well as the chocolate filling. As most people know, all the M&M candy taste the same no matter what color shell they have because they’re all the same on the inside. The M&M candy is a medium that I feel can help educate the public about racism and why judging someone based on their appearances isn’t the right thing to…show more content…
I will then ask a few questions following their choices. For example, I will be asking them “why they chose that color other than the rest?” After a few questions, I will then instruct them to eat the candy they have chosen, and tell me what it tasted like. I will then repeat the steps of having them choose another color and ask the same questions. After eating the second choice they made, I will then have them close their eyes and randomly choose from the mixed bowl I had behind the table. After choosing from the bowl, they will be instructed to eat the randomly chosen candy as well and give me feedback on how that one tasted. After they have eaten and responded to my question, I will then tell them what color they chose while closing their

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