Existence of God Essay

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IS PROOF FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD NECESSARY Adrian Lee Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor: Julian Achim February 16, 2013 IS PROOF FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD NECESSARY When we talk religion or Christianity one of the biggest questions out there is proving if God is real, and how can we prove this. It is very important to be able to prove the existence of God in order to become a Christian or a follower of God. The existence of god means there is an eternal heaven something to look forward to after we pass away and our souls leave our bodies, it also means there is an eternal hell to be avoided. Some may argue that Gods existence cannot be proven this is simply not true, God’s existence can be proven it is important to prove this so our souls don’t go to hell but go to heaven and live there for an eternity. We as humans find it necessary to have something to believe in whether it is God, Allah, Jehovah or Christ. The problem is not believing in something, but how being able to prove what we believe in. For example let’s look at some of the arguments of the proof of God’s existence and why it is important to prove. The ontological states that the greatest possible being you can think of must exist and that being is God. ( Mosser, 2010). This argument is based on reasoning and reasoning only. If we say there is no God than everything is permissible, since everything is not permissible there has to in fact be a god, for example let’s look at a few examples in order for someone to be able to move a box to the other side that person would have to be made by something or someone in order to perform that duty. Is it necessary to prove the existence of God? Yes, so there will be no more doubts from so many, knowing and being able to prove the existence of God will leave room for hope, faith and even healthier minds and less fears. St. Anselm in the eleventh

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