Existence Of God Essay

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In any search for truth, the issue of religion will arise at some point. The religious values, or lack of them, permeate out thinking about many issues, and most people naturally feel a deep personal interest in the whole question of God. There may be people who are indifferent to the possibility of God’s existence. Would be strange to be indifferent to an area of knowledge which claims to explain the nature of right and wrong, the purpose of life and what happens to us after death. Wayne Grudem writes in Systematic Theology that “First, all people have an inner sense of God. Second, we believe the evidence that is found in Scripture and in nature.” A full investigation is more than we can offer, instead we focus on the most commonly held belief, and namely that there is one omnipotent, benevolent and personal God who takes an active interest in humanity and ask the central questions: Does God even exist? It is human nature to attempt to intellectually analyze, criticize, and otherwise evaluate the information with which we come in contact. However, we often struggle with matters regarding eternity because of our finite nature. For this reason, it is very easy to come to the conclusion that there is no eternity and that God does not exist. God is a creator that has always existed and is eternal. Furthermore, He was actively involved in creation. While there are many more characteristics of God that are important on their own, I believe that these are the most vital in terms of proving that a God exists, and the other attributes of God are worthy of separate discussion. I seek only to prove that God does in fact exist. One is able to come to the conclusion of a creator God via three avenues: the absolute moral law, the cosmological argument, and the observation of the complexity of the universe. The Moral Law argument rests on the assertion that there is an

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