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Exhibit Advertisement Sharonda Wright HUM/205 June 10, 2012 Exhibits from China & Japan Ready, set; let’s go on a tour around China and Japan to see the beautiful arts that they have to offer. These two civilizations have a lot of prehistoric art, which is different but all focus on beauty in their own way. Japanese art of beauty makes you think about the nature of life. Chinese art of beauty make you think about the wild part of human nature. The first stop will be in China, which is the world’s oldest civilization. The two great philosophical and religious traditions that had an influence on China’s art were: Confucianism and Taoism. Confucianism was based on teaching of one man, which represents the classical, stresses social responsibility, emphasis nature, and is practical. Taoism is a way of ordering one’s life to achieve peace and harmony with others, which represents romance, stresses responsibility toward nature, emphasis nature, and is mystical. Those beliefs played a major part in creating Chinese art. Chinese art consist of painting, lyric poetry, carving, music, ceramics, calligraphy, and etc. Below are some pieces of art that will be in the museum, which will represent Chinese art: [pic] [pic] The first piece is Chinese calligraphy call “Time Clearing after Snowfall” it a short letter that is being sent by a man name Wang Xizhi after a snowfall. The next one is bronze owl that is called “Wine Vessel You in the Shape of Owl.” The next and last stop is Japan where art was influenced by China, Buddhism, and Shinto. Shinto was developed from a kind of nature worship in to a state religion of patriotic appreciation of the Japanese land. Japan collected their native myths in the Kojiki, “Chronicles of Ancient Events.” Japanese artist are known for their love of

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