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Exercise-Induced Asthma Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Exercise-Induced Asthma" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Physical activity is an important component towards living a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise-induced asthma can affect a person’s ability to participate in physical activity. Exercise-induced asthma, also referred to as bronchospasm, is a form of asthma that is triggered by intense of strenuous physical activity. It can occur in persons with or without diagnosed chronic asthma. More than ten percent of the general population and up to ninety percent of people previously diagnosed with asthma have exercise-induced asthma (2). There are several triggers that contribute to the condition with are environmental, dietary, and pulmonary factors. Exercise-induced asthma is more commonly found in people who actively participate in high endurance sports, however, anyone is susceptible to the condition. Discussion on exercise-induced asthma will include causation, anatomy in the body, symptoms, who is at risk, as well as management and treatment.

Exercise-induced asthma occurs during or after exercise, usually within five to twenty minutes of exercise but most severe within five to ten minutes after having stopped exercising (2). Causation of exercise-induced asthma is multifactorial which could be divided into three categories. First of the three categories are the environmental factors. A person can develop exercise-induced asthma from temperature changes in the air (5). Cold and/or dry air can cause airways in the lungs to narrow. High levels of pollution in the air such as smoke are also a trigger. And lastly, high levels of pollen and allergens in the air contribute to triggering exercise-induced asthma. Allergens include pet hair, dust, chemicals, and mold (5). The second category of causation is dietary factors. The amount of salt and lycopene intake affects the lung airways and the flow of oxygen into the bloodstreams. A high-salt diet has shown to affect the functions of the lungs. And lastly, pulmonary factors are the last category of triggers for...

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