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Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis William Johnson SCI/241 March 27, 2011 Denise Ferguson By looking at what exercise I do on regular basis, I came to the conclusion that to help me burn more calories, I need to play more golf. I did not realize how many calories I was burning while enjoying the great outdoors. The trick to burning all of these calories is to be sure that you walk the course and carry your own clubs. In playing a single round, it is possible to expend the entire caloric intake of a grown man, somewhere in the area of twenty six hundred calories. Being that I have a bad knee and a bad ankle due to old sports injuries, I have to be careful not to partake in exercise that is too strenuous on the body’s joints. When I was younger I loved to jog, but now I walk and ride a stationary bike. I am lucky that my job forces me to walk all day long. If I need to make copies or speak to our administrative staff I have to climb two flights of stairs. This helps me to stay fit and not stress my old injuries. The exercise I get from playing golf unfortunately does not last all year. Living in the high desert we tend to get a cold winter and even some snow. When this happens I am relegated to the stationary bike and what exercise I get at work. I guess stationary exercise is better than no exercise at

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