Exercise 3 Essay

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Name: Chelsea Butler Exercise 3: 1. Topic: Why are there so many soap operas on TV? Three Points: They attract a large viewing audience, They sell sponsors’ products, They are the only source of daytime drama Narrow Controlling Idea: Soap operas have become increasingly popular due to their large viewing audience, they endorse sponsored products and they are currently our only source of daytime drama Broad Controlling Idea: Soap Operas are a new exciting form of television shows that are becoming increasingly popular. 2. Topic: Is the Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual punishment? Three Points: The justice system has flaws, Innocent until proven guilty clause, Everyone makes mistakes Narrow Controlling Idea: The death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment due to the fact that the justice system has flaws, everyone is technically said to be innocent until proven guilty and everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives. Broad Controlling Idea: The Death Penalty is wrong and unethical 3. General Topic: Controversial Legislation Limited Topic: Gun Control Angled Topic: The possible results of gun control Three Points: Fewer accidental shootings, Increased police power, Fewer gun-related crimes Narrow Controlling Idea: Changing our legislations on gun control reduction can accomplish fewer accidental shootings, increased police power and fewer gun-related crimes. Broad Controlling Idea: Canada should change their legislation taking effect on the gun control policy in our country. 4. General Topic: Hobbies Limited Topic: After school sports Angled Topic: After school sports help children in everyday life Three Points: Active healthy lifestyles, Interact with other children, Teaches responsibility Narrow Controlling Idea: Sports can help mould children to be great outstanding citizens later in life due to it teaching
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