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Representation of Artists on CD Covers In Kanye West’s album cover he is topless, wearing only grey jeans. This shows his rebellious, extreme attitudes. His hair is cut and is topped with a crown made of thorns, which is meant to resemble Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. There is a 19th Century feel to the scenery with the woman in their finery of old, rustic white dresses. Kanye West’s stage name is ‘Yeezus’, which is a play on the word ‘Jesus’ and has the white upside down cross to resemble Jesus’s crucifixion, in an alternative way. All of this is to represent and portray him as a godly figure, surrounded by beautiful, provocatively posed women. This sells the album as men and teenage boys will want to be like him as he is surrounded by beautiful woman and has an aura of dominance, power and supremacy. This will also attract woman to buy the album as he is half naked and portrayed as handsome, striking and rebellious. The dull scenery replicates his simple, self-titled album. By making the scenery like this, he doesn’t give away exactly what the album contains which intrigues the audience to find out more. West also holds a direct mode of address which instantly grabs the attention of the audience. The simplicity of the album, it being self-titled and the mode of address adds a sense of inquisitiveness and mystery to the album which ultimately makes the audience want to grab the album and find out more about the music which the album entails. There is the juxtaposition of two angels and a serpent, resembling the devil, furthest away from him. The woman’s eyes are red which matches the ‘Parental Advisory’ label on the side along with the dark red hand on the left hand side. This adds a colour theme to run through the album cover. The women’s white dresses adds a contrast to the naked brown skin of Kanye which makes the album more aesthetically appealing to

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