Exemplary Essay for Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English/ Paper 2 Writing (Task 1)

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Computing and learning This essay aims to give an insight into the influences that computing has on learning and it will try to establish how can computers improve education in the future. It is often suggested that nothing can thoroughly replace the classic, maybe a bit old-fashioned classrooms, not even by means of video-conference or satellite communication. Some even go as fas as to say that the physical presence of the student in a learning environment, together with teachers and other colleagues, is at the very core of learning. This is true only to a certain extent since classrooms are nowadays a social challenge to a student rather than an intellectual one. Teachers, at the same time, might not be necessary to the learning process unless there is a specific need. At best, they can still provide the students with inspiration, namely a reason for appreciating a subject and therefore studying it. But the truth is that none of these elements is essential to learning anymore. In reality, students can and already enter virtual classes where knowledge and advice are shared just as they would in a classroom. Many teachers, especially at universities, are already adapting to the new technologies and many have set up accounts on internet-based means of communication such as e-mails or video-phoning. In addition, these technologies allow for much more flexibility and both students and teachers can benefit from it. Computers makes self-learning or distance-learning much more concrete possibilities although there still is the problem of the assessment. This suggests that teachers in the future might spend more time revising material and drills rather than lecturing to a class. To sum up, provided that a proper level of assessment is guaranteed and taking into consideration that particularly capable and inspiring teachers will always be irreplaceable, there

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