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Romeo & Juliet Imaginative/Persuasive Monologue Lady Montague Exemplar Read through this exemplar with your teacher. Some assessment features have been identified, but you will need to make some extra notes on this sheet in pairs. Exemplar – 549 words | Text Feature | My dear Prince and citizens of Verona. I, Lady Montague am here today to defend myself and the honour of the house of Montague. Wild claims have been made that I am somehow to blame for the death of Juliet Capulet, the Prince’s cousin, Paris and my own dear, beautiful son, Romeo Montague. As a mother I am completely distraught by the idea that I would ever harm my only son, my gentle young man. My family has always been the one family, the good family doing the right thing for Verona. My family is grieving and now I too face punishment, even death as retribution for this tragedy? I knew absolutely nothing of this entire encounter before it was too late! I had heard from servants that my son was interested in a girl, but love is a concept for children. Families are not built on love. They are built on servitude to God, my Prince & my Husband. First my family was grieving the death of Mercutio, another death at the hand of a Capulet. Then my son is banished and the next day – dead! I had not even spoken to my dear boy before he fled the city! There is no way I can be held accountable. I implore you, my Prince not to persecute the woman who’s already lost the light of her life, but instead turn your attention to the real culprits of this unbelievable crime – The Capulets. Two people in particular, the cold-hearted and venom –tongued Lady Capulet. This shrill harpy is the true mastermind behind the deaths of the lovely Paris and my son. Lady Capulet manipulated her daughter into getting Paris & Romeo fight to the death, then tricked the survivor into drinking
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