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EVERYTHING  IS  NEGOTIABLE EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE I n theory, successful executives should be savvy and successful negotiators. And perhaps they are while in the midst of hammering out a new deal on behalf of their organizations. But when negotiating on their own behalf—especially when they are negotiating compensation for a new position—executives oftentimes stumble and don’t exit negotiations as the true winner. Most executives need assistance—and the benefit of advanced preparation— when it comes to effective compensation negotiation to guarantee they don’t leave money and benefits “on the table.” This guide provides insights from experts who share their knowledge about preparing for the compensation negotiation process, as well as offers tips on how to navigate the entire process to help job candidates secure the compensation they want and deserve. The stakes are certainly high. And the potential for great rewards from being an equally effective negotiator is real. According to data from ExecuNet’s 2012 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report (EJMIR), executives averaged a 2 percent increase in total compensation, an improvement from a 4 percent loss posted in 2010 and a 12 percent drop in 2009. Oftentimes, executives accept a job offer and later question if they truly got what they deserved in a compensation package. The only way in which to earn the greatest rewards is to be the strongest negotiator you can be: know what you want, ask for it and get it. Our experts will show you how. DAVE OPTON CEO & Founder ExecuNet dopton@execunet.com http://insights.execunet.com/ 2 | WWW.EXECUNET.COM  EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE W Well, perhaps not everything is negotiable. But when it comes to negotiating compensation, there isn’t much that can’t be negotiated. And this is time to negotiate—everything.

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